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In many production or processing of products, during transportation or inside storage warehouses of different sectors and activities such as petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil&gas, food or in mines, gases, mists, vapors, flours and dusts are generated or are present which, in contact with the oxygen in the air, can make the atmosphere potentially explosive and in case of ignition can cause even serious damage to people and property.

For this reason, within the various product directives (machinery, low voltage, electromagnetic compatibility…etc.), we also find the European Parliament and Council Directive 2014/34/EU. The Directive is directed at manufacturers of equipment and protective systems intended for installation in areas with the presence of potentially explosive atmospheres. After a careful risk assessment and then a definition of the group and category according to the intended use, the product should be properly identified by the “Community Distinguishing Mark” as a graphic symbol of the ATEX Directive. The following is an explanation of the acronyms on the labels inside the EiQ Industrial items certified ATEX for category 3 zone 2/22 and category 2 zone 1/21.