ANIE Automazione has recently presented figures pointing out a 4,7 % increase of the associated companies turnover.

Good news from the automation industry world.

ANIE Automazione, which thanks to its 100 associated companies is the point of reference for manufacturing, process and network automation technologies suppliers, confirms this trend by means of its figures.

We are taking into account Osservatorio dell’Industria Italiana dell’Automazione values, which have been recently presented at SPS IPC Drives trade show, highlighting 2016 positive trend of the industry.

Let’s consider the most significant aspects of this study.

First of all, data tell us that the increase of associated companies market and turnover is steady at 4,7% on average, in relation to technologies and applications represented by ANIE Automazione:

  • Process automation
  • Electric operations
  • Components and technologies for measurement and control
  • Mechatronics
  • PLC-I/O
  • Industrial software
  • Telecontrol, Supervision and Network Automation
  • Telematics applied to Traffic and Transport
  • UPS – Uninterruptible power supply

The turnover of the industrial manufacturing and process automation has reached 4,3 billion euro, while supplier industry of technologies for this sector has overcame turnover levels of pre-crisis period of about 10 percentage points.

The biggest Italian growth rates have been registered in the Wireless, Telecontrol, Brushless motors and Activations fields. Total orders of tool machines have grown of about 1,5%.

One possible consideration concerns the domestic demand, which has significantly contributed to the sector growth. Obviously, the foreign market has also played an important role:  foreign sales of technologies for industrial automation have grown of 2,2% annually. In this context, Germany and Spain are the European markets that receive the Made in Italy technological offer. Instead, the situation in extra-European markets is more instable and differential trends between different geographical areas have emerged.

Latest ISTAT available figures indicate a new ramp up from the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017 for capital goods exportations. There are significant expectations for the 4.0 Industry plan, which has started some months ago and could  support innovative technologies.

Therefore, the trend of industrial automation sector is positive as a whole. Fabrizio Scovenna, ANIA Automazione president, confirmed this:

Automation is becoming the key element of the industrial revolution which is increasingly permeating the global and Italian industrial base, driven by 4.0 Industry principles – affirms the President -. In particular, in our country, it guarantees a push to the technological innovation, which is the only manufacturing companies driver for the development and the survival in global markets”.

Present and future will be more and more oriented towards the interaction between industrial processes and Information Technology, a field characterized by some risks concerning security.

“The interaction and the exchange of information between IT world (Information Technology) and OT (Operation Technology) – affirms Scovenna -, will give the possibility to individuate and implement new business strategies based on inedited technological and productive scenarios, which at the same time will generate many connectivity risks. That is why Cyber Security becomes a key element that every company or player acting in the manufacturing world will have to face carefully and safely.

The solution is an approach that takes into account not only risk perception and prevention adopting necessary measures, but also the capacity to react to these problems. For the biggest industry players Cyber Security will be the most significant topic of confrontation, to be examined in depth.