Not only SPS IPC Drives: having a look abroad we discover many events, which can be opportunities for new business relationships

With more than 35.000 visitors and 800 exhibitors, numbers confirmed, this year too, the growing interest of professional operators for the SPS IPC Drives Exhibition and for the automation world.

As we have already considered, this field is in good health in Italy, supported in particular by actions of the Industry 4.0. Beyond our national borders, we can discover rich calendars of Automation Exhibitions abroad, which can be interesting opportunities for business relationships with countries further afield allowing focusing on internationalization.

We selected some of these events worth considering and taking place from now until the end of the year.

L'uscita della fiera SPS IPC Drives 2018.

Sindex, Berne (Switzerland), 28-30/08/2018

Arranged every two years, Sindex is the most important Exhibition in Switzerland in this field. It is a real showcase for services and products of industrial automation, electrical engineering, fluids technology and robotics. During the last edition in 2016, 13.000 visitors and more than 400 exhibitors participated and also this year a very interesting program of events and meetings about artificial intelligence, digital world and data analysis has been planned.


Automatik, Brøndby (Denmark), 11-13/09/2018

Automatik foresees meetings and products demonstrations for the industrial automation, process automation, robotics and transmission technologies for a relevant public mainly composed by technicians and engineers. The event foresees besides meetings and seminars on maintenance and safety that during the past editions have been welcomed by a public of more than 700 participants.

Una fiera dell'automazione.

All about automation, Leipzig (Germany), 12-13/09/2018

Addressed to experts and supervisors taking decisions, All about automation is the regional German Exhibition of industrial automation focused on products and solutions ready for use. The event aims to build bridges between the producers of components and systems, the distributors and suppliers of automation technology services and the users of the industrial regions of the central Germany. During the edition of the last year, 95 exhibitors and more than 800 visitors took part.


Smart Industry Solutions, Mumbai (India), 11-12/10/2018

Arranged by Messe Frankfurt (the same of SPS IPC Drives), Smart Industry Solutions is focused on last technologies of Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. The first starting edition finished with 48 exhibitors and more than 2000 commercial buyers from India and abroad. Smart Industry Solutions brought together some of the leader companies with the foremost experts operating in the field of the industrial automation to get information about the future of the Indian market.