According to “Centro Studi UCIMA” in 2017, the seven billion of euro have been exceeded with an increase of almost the 9% as regards the 2016. The most significant numbers are following

In the field of the automatic machines, Italy has a leading position, thanks to the consolidation of its global leadership in the construction of automatic machines for wrapping and packaging.

That it is not only an opinion is proved by the last data of the Centro Studi UCIMA (Unione Costruttori Italiani Macchine Automatiche per il Confezionamento e l’Imballaggio) which show how 2017 closed with a further increase as regards the previous year.

We present here in summery the most significant numbers of this report

The turnover

The total turnover of this field exceeded the seven billion of euro with an increase of almost the 9% as regards the 2016. The important international presence remains a distinctive feature of the field bringing the Italian companies to compete with the German competitors on all the world markets.

One thing is certain: one machine in five sold in the world is Italian. Export increases too: we are at + 7, 5% with 5, 7 billion of euro.

If we consider the Italian market, we can see a good year thanks to the facilitation of the plan Industry 4.0. The turnover in Italy has grown to 1, 5 billion of euro with an increase of 14,4% as regards the 2016.

The results on the international markets

The European Union is confirmed to be the main area of destination with the 37,4%  (1.905 million of euro) of the whole turnover. In the second place there is Asia with 1.112 million of euro and an impact of 21, 8% on the turnover.

The important North American market is in third position with 592, 6 million di Euro (11,6%).


The customers

In the division of the turnover among the different fields, 2017 confirms a predominance of the food and beverage industry influencing for the 56, 1% the total volume of business.

Singularly considered the two sectors are on the top: the food resulted to be in 2017 the first customer with 30, 25% (2.174 million of euro) of the total turnover with an export trend of 74, 4%.

The beverage is in the second place with 25, 9% of the total turnover. Sales abroad are the 83%.

The following field “others”,  including the tobacco and tissue machines, etc. reaches the 1.464 million of euro (20% of the total) with an export trend of 82% and then the market of the machines for the pharmaceutical industry with 1.160 million of euro (16% of the total) concerning the 80% the international markets.

Forecast for 2018

Which is the forecast for 2018?

“Because of the volatility of markets and the continuous changing of the geopolitical conditions in different markets a reliable forecast is very difficult– states the President of Ucima, Enrico Aureli. We believe, however, that it can be reasonably foreseen a continuous increasing trend like the last year. Our Centro Studi UCIMA foresees that good performances of Italy and Europe will continue while the performances of Asia and Africa will improve with increases between the 6 and the 6,5% in the two-years period 2018-2020”.