Customization: when the switchboard is customized

Customization: EiQ Industrial offers custom products with special sizes and features for all industries

Like true tailors, we design and manufacture customized switchboards for all sectors taking care to maintain the quality and reliability of the final product.

In fact, the proposals of stainless steel switchboards in the catalog do not always meet customers’ needs. Increasingly, it is necessary to have solutions with specific sizes according to the end use and with types of steels other than standard ones.

In fact, EiQ Industrial, through constant investment in space and resources, has been able to meet these needs

Providing comprehensive support to customers in the design of stainless steel electrical panels. This is possible thanks to our dedicated design team that makes custom-made products up to 3mm thick, with special surface finishes, such as Scotch-Brite 2B and BA, and using special steels.

We also offer free-standing stainless steel switchgear solutions and for customized on-machine applications to provide seamless integration in markets where design is constantly evolving.

We make carpentry that guarantees high levels of aesthetics and hygiene, which are prerequisites in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

All this with the assurance that the stainless steel electrical panelboard will maintain the approvals obtained, namely C-UL-US Type Nema 4x, 4, 1, 12 certification and IP66 degree of protection.

EiQ Industrial constantly strives to find solutions suitable for customers’ needs in order to become a flexible and reliable partner in supplying quality switchboards.