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Protection grade IK concerns resistance to external mechanical impacts. The classification therefore, in our case, identifies the degree of robustness of the carpentry, i.e., verifies that after an impact of a certain energy expressed in Joules (J) the container maintains the IP rating declared before the mechanical impact. The European reference standard is EN 62262 (international equivalent of IEC 62262:2002).

The impacts predicted by the tests are listed below and an IK grade corresponds to each. EiQ Industrial’s products are IK10 certified

The deformations undergone by the container allow the declared IP grade to be maintained
IK01 Impact of 0.14 joules
IK02 Impact equal to 0.20 joules
IK03 Impact equal to 0.35 joules
IK04 Impact of 0.50 joules
IK05 Impact of 0.70 joules
IK06 Impact equal to 1 joule
IK07 Impact equal to 2 joules
IK08 Impact equal to 5 joules
IK09 Impact equal to 10 joules
IK10 Impact equal to 20 joules