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Coronavirus: proof of resilience and accountability for the pharmaceutical industry

Coronavirus: according to Farmindustria, investments in innovation and human resources prove to be forward-looking factors in protecting business and managing the national and international health crisis. Despite the lockdown quarter, the sector generated 500 million more than in 2019.

In this unprecedented historical phase of instability and uncertainty, the Italian pharmaceutical sector is responding to the health and economic crisis with a great sense of social and industrial responsibility by putting jobs and people first. This month in the Magazine of
EiQ Industrial
we report on the health of the pharmaceutical industry.


Italy has once again confirmed that it is a great industrial resource by ensuring, even during the lockdown period, maximum pharmaceutical care for patients. All this was made possible by major risk prevention measures, task forces, targeted distribution and scientific information to share best practices and ensure production continuity, in line with what the European confederations agreed to on revitalization(EiQ Magazine in June). According to the latest
Farmindustria report
these activities enabled the sector to reach – in the lockdown quarter – the figure of 17 billion euros generated by companies and suppliers; 500 million euros more than in 2019.

Through this excellent structural planning, the pharmaceutical sector has enabled:

  • continuity of pharmaceutical care to more than 26 million people;
  • The initiation of more than 35 clinical trials for COVID-19 drugs and vaccines;
  • support for patients, physicians and all personnel in the health supply chain from 64 Enterprises;
  • The engagement by 15 companies in R&D and clinical trials in Italy for the treatment of COVID-19 pneumonia;
  • the donation of 41 million in drugs, goods and services, disinfectant gels and screening;
  • The modification of the production lines of 6 companies to meet health needs and in particular to meet the growing demand for disinfectant products, given away free of charge;
  • RCS actions on behalf of the sick and employees (supplementary insurance, counseling and training courses to psychological and educational support extended to family members).

These data exemplify the sector’s attention and responsibility to health and social emergency.


But how is such performance achieved in such a changing and complex operating environment? The key to the pharmaceutical sector’s success is undoubtedly to be attributed to an intelligent and focused innovation plan that focuses vigorously on technology and human resources. As shown by the ISTAT data in Farmindustria’s report, pharmaceuticals has been investing in these resources for years with solidity and concreteness, showing between 2014 and 2019 an increase of 10% in occupancy (compared to 5 percent of the national average) and setting the stage for an investment of more than 1 trillion euros over the next 5 years in R&D: 3 times higher than the national manufacturing average.

These figures are a tangible manifestation of strength and capability on the part of the entire pharmaceutical industry, demonstrating, once again, that the key to a successful business over time is always to be found in the value of innovation; human and technological.


It is precisely in the most difficult times that companies are expected to give tangible answers. EiQ Industrial in such a complicated year continued to operate with utmost efficiency by providing its customers with the stainless steel electrical panels indispensable for the realization of machines and plants intended, in particular, for the sectors agribusiness e pharmaceutical. These are key areas to be able to secure future and hope for the entire population. Daily contact with these target markets has enabled a company like EiQ Industrial, which has always been linked to the philosophy “listen and realize“, to find decisive information regarding the specific needs of its stakeholders in order to be able to invest in developing new products and expanding certification opportunities for its carpentries.

That’s why in recent months the company has unveiled a complete line of switchboards
Hygienic Design
(as recounted in EiQ magazine in May) absolutely free of receptacles to allow no room for bacterial proliferation and ensure maximum ease of cleaning. Articles Hygienic Design are complete with all certifications that allow them to be installed in Europe, the U.S., and Canada in addition to being equipped with certified
for their most critical parts.