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Packaging machinery, turnover soars

Packaging machinery: according to the UCIMA Study Center in 2017 exceeded 7 billion euros with an increase of nearly 9 percent over 2016. Here are the most significant numbers from the report

In the field of automatic machines, Italy can be proud to boast a leading position, thanks to the consolidation of a world leadership in the field of packaging and wrapping.

This is not an opinion, but it is shown by the latest data from the UCIMA (Union of Italian Manufacturers of Automatic Packaging and Packaging Machinery) Study Center, which testify that 2017 closed with further growth compared to the previous year.

Here is a summary of the most significant numbers from this report.



Total industry sales exceeded 7 billion euros, an increase of nearly 9 percent over 2016. Extensive international presence remains a distinctive industry feature that leads Italian companies to compete head-to-head with German competitors in all world markets.

One figure speaks for itself: one out of every five cars sold in the world is in fact Italian. And exports are also growing: we are at +7.5 percent and reach 5.7 billion euros.

If we look at the Italian market, then, there is a further positive year, thanks to the Industry 4.0 plan’s subsidies. In fact, the revenue generated in Italy grew to 1.5 billion euros, an increase of 14.4 percent over 2016.



The European Union, is confirmed as the main destination area and absorbs 37.4 percent(1,905 million euros) of total sales. In second place is Asia, with a value of 1,112 million euros and a 21.8 percent share of sales.

The important North American market ranks third, with 592.6 million (11.6 percent).



In the breakdown of turnover among the various client sectors, 2017 confirms a predominance of the food industry (food and beverage), accounting for 56.1 percent of the total turnover.

When taken individually, the two sectors are also individually confirmed at the top of the ranking: food is the leading customer sector in 2017, absorbing 30.25 percent (2,174 million euros) of total sales, with an export propensity of 74.4 percent.

Beverage ranks second, absorbing 25.9 percent of total sales. Foreign markets account for 83 percent of sales.

This is followed by the “Other” sector-which includes machines for tobacco, tissue, etc. – which reaches a share of 1,464 million euros (20 percent of the total), with an export propensity of 82 percent, and then the pharmaceutical machinery market with 1,160 million euros (16 percent of the total), 80 percent of which is realized in international markets.


Packaging Machinery: THE FORECAST FOR 2018

What is the forecast for 2018?

“Market volatility and constantly changing geo-political conditions in various markets make it increasingly difficult to make reliable forecasts,” states Ucima President Enrico Aureli. However, we believe we can reasonably expect the growth trend recorded last year to be maintained. In fact, our UCIMA Study Center predicts that the good performance in Italy and Europe will continue and that the performance in Asia and Africa will improve, with increases of between 6 and 6.5 percent in the two-year period 2018-2020.”