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  • In Stainless steel AISI 304 (EN 1.4301), 1.5mm thickness, Scotch-Brite finishing.

  • Blind door, 1.5mm thickness, Scotch-Brite finishing.

  • Stainless steel internal hinges, allowing the opening up to 110°.

  • Complete with pre-drilled internal frame in galvanized steel

  • Removable rear panel in Stainless steel AISI 304 (EN 1.4301), 1.5mm thickness,

  • Bi-component polyurethane foam gasket

  • Depth adjustable internal mounting plate in galvanized steel, 2.5 mm thick.

  • Complete with lifting eye-bolts in galvanized steel.


  • In Stainless steel AISI 316 (EN 1.4404), Scotch-Brite finishing.

  • Design according to customer’s drawing

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H1800ModelCabinet size (mm)Dimensions of the mounting plate (mm)Plinth base (mm)Drilling area on the door (mm)
CodeLHPLHH100 CodeH200 CodeL1H1
Single doorCP 618460018004004851720ZC 61ZC 624251655
CP 618560018005004851720ZC 61ZC 624251655
CP 818480018004006851720ZC 81ZC 826251655
CP 818580018005006851720ZC 81ZC 826251655
CP 10184100018004008851720ZC 101ZC 1028251655
CP 10185100018005008851720ZC 101ZC 1028251655
Two doorsCP 121841200180040010851720ZC 121ZC 12210251655
CP 121851200180050010851720ZC 121ZC 12210251655
H2000ModelCabinet size (mm)Dimensions of the mounting plate (mm)Plinth base (mm)Drilling area on the door (mm)
CodeLHPLHCode H100Code H200L1H1
Single doorCP 620460020004004851920ZC 61ZC 624251855
CP 620560020005004851920ZC 61ZC 624251855
CP 820480020004006851920ZC 81ZC 826251855
CP 820580020005006851920ZC 81ZC 826251855
CP 10204100020004008851920ZC 101ZC 1028251855
CP 10205100020005008851920ZC 101ZC 1028251855
Two doorsCP 122041200200040010851920ZC 121ZC 12210251855
CP 122051200200050010851920ZC 121ZC 12210251855




PS Serie
Internal mounting plates for MC & CP cabinets
TM Serie
Sloped roof for CP & MC series
TMH Serie
30° sloping roof for CP & MC series

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CP Serie

Compact cabinet with blind door