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  • In Stainless steel AISI 304 (EN 1.4301), Scotch-Brite finishing.

  • Lexan door, 1.5mm thickness, Scotch-Brite finishing.

  • Stainless steel complete with pre-drilled internal frame in Fe/Zn door openend up to 110°, Scotch-Brite finishing

  • Stainless steel internal hinges, allowing the opening up to 110°.

  • Removable rear panel, side panel, cover and bottom, 1.5mm thickness, Scotch Brite finishing.

  • Bi-component polyurethane foam gasket

  • 4 points rod closing system with polyamide handle

  • Depth adjustable internal mounting plate in galvanized steel, 2.5 mm thick.

  • Complete with lifting eye-bolts in galvanized steel.

  • Entry cable gland mod. CFP or CFG (to be decided in phase of order)


  • In Stainless steel AISI 316 (EN 1.4404), Scotch-Brite finishing.

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H1800Lexan door modelCabinet size (mm)Back-to-back door size (mm)Mounting plate (mm)Plinth baseSide panel
CodeLHPCodeLHCodeLHH100 CodeH200 CodeCode
Single door
MCL 61846001800400MKC 6184701720PS 6184851720ZM 61ZM 62WL 41
MCL 61856001800500MKC 6184701720PS 6184851720ZM 61ZM 62WL 51
MCL 61866001800600MKC 6184701720PS 6184851720ZM 61ZM 62WL 61
MCL 81848001800400MKC 8186701720PS 8186851720ZM 81ZM 82WL 41
MCL 81858001800500MKC 8186701720PS 8186851720ZM 81ZM 82WL 51
MCL 81868001800600MKC 8186701720PS 8186851720ZM 81ZM 82WL 61
MCL 1018410001800400MKC 10188701720PS 10188851720ZM 101ZM 102WL 41
MCL 1018510001800500MKC 10188701720PS 10188851720ZM 101ZM 102WL 51
MCL 1018610001800600MKC 10188701720PS 10188851720ZM 101ZM 102WL 61
H2000Lexan door odelCabinet size (mm)Back-to-back door size (mm)Mounting plate (mm)Plinth baseSide panel
CodeLHPCodeLHCodeLHH100 CodeH200 CodeCode
Single door
MCL 62046002000400MKC 6204701920PS 6204851920ZM 61ZM 62WL 42
MCL 62056002000500MKC 6204701920PS 6204851920ZM 61ZM 62WL 52
MCL 62066002000600MKC 6204701920PS 6204851920ZM 61ZM 62WL 62
MCL 82048002000400MKC 8206701920PS 8206851920ZM 81ZM 82WL 42
MCL 82058002000500MKC 8206701920PS 8206851920ZM 81ZM 82WL 52
MCL 82068002000600MKC 8206701920PS 8206851920ZM 81ZM 82WL 62
MCL 1020410002000400MKC 10208701920PS 10208851920ZM 101ZM 102WL 42
MCL 1020510002000500MKC 10208701920PS 10208851920ZM 101ZM 102WL 52
MCL 1020610002000600MKC 10208701920PS 10208851920ZM 101ZM 102WL 62




TM Serie
Sloped roof for CP & MC series
TMH Serie
30° sloping roof for CP & MC series
PS Serie
Internal mounting plates for MC & CP cabinets

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MCL Serie

Modular cabinet with lexan door and counter door